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Over most of the past several years, the Romanian poultry industry has evolved well, proving to be among the country’s most dynamic farm chicken sections. And how does the industry hold in comparison with many of its counterparts in Europe? In aspects of the density of livestock development, there have been 10 poultry farms which really, as per the data released by the Poultry Directors Organization, generated about 60 percent of the total poultry manufacturing in 2014.

These are vertically integrated poultry producers with output ranging from 11,000 MT/year to 58,000 MT/year feeding to the reproduction, with slaughterhouses and processing units. It was stated by not only international investors, as well as by overseas investors, that even the construction industry is making progress positively. The Indian company IBS Synergies recently announced a plan to invest US$ 150 million in Romania’s poultry services industry for such an integrated new residential project which would include a hatchery, an assembly plant for feed compounds as well as a slaughterhouse.

Whether you’re visiting Romania that you would sometimes come across another noise. Yes! Never on the highways, but rather on the widely placed chicken farms all around the country. Indeed! Chicken farming is now one of Romania’s many prevalent meat production platforms. Our chickens are feeding the finest grains through their own accountable cultivation in order to get good poultry products. We wanted to take this step because we all want our products to be entirely controlled.

LaProvincia Products

Product from LaProviNcia farm Romania is very famous in Romania. We are providing the best quality products all over the world. Our chickens are provided the best grains out of their own productive production in order to achieve the best chicken products. We decided to take this step and we want our goods to be completely controlled. It’s a fair way from grain production to plate cultivation with delights, but our research does not always start with increasing chickens and creating meat products but begins somewhere else in the field by developing and selecting the best cereals which play a fundamental role in the process of production.

Like a well-established process, both farmland and poultry administration support one another and, forming a supranational entire worthy of generating exceptional quality and volume consequences. With reference to the conservation aspect all of the litter material used for the poultry hall has been used on farmland as an organic pesticide, thereby getting foods as organic as feasible and the impact by using fertilizers to be as big as possible. The farming industry not only is adjusting to the progress of the Romanian environment (through export orders) and is also making strides in achieving the increasing requirement of chicken and fish by either the government. Romania is respected across the farming industry for its experience. Romanian agriculture enterprise recognized problems with progress as well as state-of-the-art cultural input originally getting thrown at the company.

There was a point in time whenever the Romanian agricultural industry produced a catch. In the meantime, it all in the days before. Romania’s agriculture industry may have preferably commenced recovering back to at least 23 years ago. It definitely also see such a huge increase in the production of poultry. We enquire you to meet our LaProvincia wherever you start coming to Romania and taste our meat products which have a unique, sweet taste.