Not a major enthusiast of huge savage box mods?

Not open to blowing enormous vaporous billows of fume throughout the entirety of your companions each time you enjoy a drag?

Unit vapes address a more refined method of vaping. Furthermore, with many incredible high strength and nicotine salt-based vape juice, unit frameworks can be similarly just about as fulfilling as your number one high-VG box mod.

Case based vapes are minimal and circumspect. They don’t swell out of your pants or in any case draw a lot of undesirable consideration when you’re out with companions – so they likewise make astounding beneficial side arms.

They’re staggeringly easy to understand too. Indeed, even your folks – who battle to utilize cell phones – could vape effectively with a unit mod.

Also, they’re reasonable – particularly on the off chance that you’re not generally enticed into purchasing the following enormous tank or loop set-up.

In this blog entry we take a gander at the MY BAR Plus Melon Ice most impressive unit mods available.


SMOK Nord in Gold – Small Vapes

In our eyes the SMOK Nord is likely the best compact vape pack as of now accessible available. SMOK have by and by created a market driving versatile unit framework. It has great battery life because of its 1100mAh battery limit. The 3 ml vape juice limit is amazing for a little gadget yet on the off chance that you need more than that leap to the following case framework in our rundown. The pack accompanies a 0.6 Ohm loop for DTL and normal 1.4 Ohm curl for MTL, in addition to there is a choice of 1.4 Ohm ceramic curls which are sold independently. It’s astonishing exactly how much flavor this little man can create. We love it such a lot of we’ve put this is the third best of rundown the SMOK Nord has made it on. Look at the 10 Best Pod Systems for 2019 and the best little vape mods for 2019 records.

Suorin Drop

Suorin Drop – Best Pod System

The polished Suorin Drop is perhaps the most well known unit frameworks on our site.

It is a little case mod and it is refillable, which implies that you can top it off with your own #1 e-fluids as opposed to purchasing all your juice from Suorin.

Beside the great looks, the best thing about this vape is the decent close draw on it and the wonderful throat hit. The Drop will truly nail it for previous smokers, particularly in the event that you are utilizing nicotine salt-based e-fluid.

Suorin Air V2

Suorin Air V2 – Small Vapes Pod System

Fabricated by an organization called Foxconn, which additionally makes Apple iPhones, the Suorin Air is an amazingly minimal across the board with cell phone great looks.

Stature and width-wise, the Air is the very same size as a Mastercard. What’s more, at 8mm, this mod is simply 0.3mm thicker than an iPhone. How’s that for convenientce.

Inside this little casing, they’ve figured out how to pack an amazing 400mAh battery and there’s space for 2ml of your number one juice in the refillable cartridges.

Phix Vape

Significant League Vapers – Phix Vape

At the point when you notice case mods to a vaper, there’s a decent possibility that they will consider JUUL straight away.

JUUL e-cigarettes created a significant ruckus when they initially went ahead the scene, however we imagine that these copy Phix Vape gadgets are greatly improved.

The super versatile pen drive formed mods are really simple to utilize and the maker gives some incredible nicotine salt-based flavors. The Phix e-fluid cartridges aren’t in fact refillable, however in the event that you get innovative there is an approach to ‘hack’ them open – something which is interesting with JUUL cases.